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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How can I register my child(ren) for football and cheer?
Registration for your child(ren) can be done in one of two ways; either in person or on-line.  If you decide to do inperson registration, we have events set up once a month beginning in March and ending in July.  If you decide to register on-line, the portal open in March and ends in July. Swarm utilizes TeamSnap for on-line registration. There are discounts available for early registration.  
Do I have to pay the whole registration cost at the same time?
No.  You can set up a payment plan on-line.  You can have the funds automatically deducted from your account.  
I have multiple children.  Is there a discount for a family that has multiple children that want to play?
Yes.  There is a $25 discount per child. (For example, if the cost is $300, the second child is $275.  $275 is the cost for every child after the first child).  
Does my child(ren) need a physical before they can play?
Yes, every child needs a physical that much be dated in the current year.  
What information do I need to provide during registration?
All children must have their most current physical, Swarm parent agreement, last official report card of the year, copy of their original birth certificate, and agreements from Pop Warner. We have the forms from Pop Warner loaded on our website or you can access them from their website. 
How do I know what team my child may be on?
The team that your child will be on is determined by weight and age. Pop Warner has established weight limit guidelines.  The guidelines can be located on our website or you can find the information on Pop Warner’s website.  
Does Swarm have a certain form of communication for practice and game notifications?
Yes, Swarm utilizes TeamSnap.  You can download the app to any phone (IOS or android).  When you download the app, make sure that you choose to receive text notifications.  All football and cheer schedules will be loaded into the app by your child’s coach or team mom. We will email and send text messages from the app.  
Do I have to do any type of fundraising?
Yes, we have two fundraising opportunities. All parents are asked to sell one box of candy per child with a maximum of 2 boxes for family. If a family chooses to NOT sell a box, the family is required to pay $65 per box.  If there are any leftover candy bars, please contact the Fundraiser Director for assistance.  All money or unsold candy must be handed into the organization at the end of the selling period. We also have discounts cards for families to sell.  Each family will be asked to sell 10 cards.  The cards cost $10 a piece. 
What should my child wear prior to getting equipment?
Your child can wear regular shorts and t-shirts.  The same items they would wear in gym or playing outside. For football, if they have their cleats, they can wear them in practice.  
Do I have to buy any equipment in order for my child to play?
No, the only item that you need are shoes.  All football players need a pair of cleats. For cheer, they will need cheer shoes.  The organization will provide uniforms for both football (game jersey, practice jersey, helmets, shoulder pads, game pants and practice pants) and cheer (shirts and shorts). 
Do I have to return any equipment at the end of the season? Yes, for football players, you must return the practice jersey, shoulder pads, game and practice pants, and helmets.  
Do I have to pay for any equipment that I do not return?
Yes, at the beginning of the year, each family must give an equipment check of $150 to the treasurer. The check will be cashed if you fail to return 1 item or all the items.   
Is there any opportunities for me to volunteer throughout the season?
Absolutely!  We have several opportunities for families to volunteer.  Swarm utilizes Signup Genius for families sign up.  Some of the volunteer opportunities include; oranges for the football players during half time, water for football players during the game, holding chains, holding the down marker, player count, concessions during home games, homecoming committee, team mom, and coaches.  
What time are practices? And where is it located?
Practices are held during the week.  For the first 2 to 3 weeks of August, practice is 5 days a week.  After school begins, practice is 3 days a week.  Football and cheer coordinates practice the same days. Practice locations will be communicated at the beginning of the season.  
What time do we need to arrive for games?
Football players should arrive at least one hour and fifteen minutes before game time. Cheerleaders should arrive 30 minutes before game time.  Cheer competition arrival times will be communicated before competition.  
Are there any celebrations that Swarm have for the children during the season?
Yes, we participant in the Darien Fourth of July parade.  We ask all families to be there by 8am. We also have homecoming celebration that usually occurs the end of September or the first weekend in October.  At the end of the season, we also have a banquet.  
How can I order spirit wear?
You can log onto Squad Locker and order spirit wear any time.  Items available on the web include hoodies, shorts, gym bags, hats, beanies, t-shirts, work out gear, etc.  
Will there be picture day?
Yes, we will have picture day during practice.  It is typically held during the third week in September.  
Can I choose the number that my child will have on their jersey?
A parent can request up to 3 numbers. Number requests should be done after you register. Please keep in mind that returning children will have the ability to retain their number.  
Can I be on the sidelines with my child during the game?
Unfortunately, no.  According to Pop Warner rules, you must be on the official team roster in order to be on the field, unless you sign up to volunteer to hold chains, hold the marker or complete player count for the other team.  
Are there scholarship opportunities for my children? Yes, Swarm has two different programs.  One is for families that can’t afford the cost for their child(ren).  If your family need assistance, please contact the President.  The second program is called Little Scholars.  It’s a program administered by Pop Warner.  Pop Warner awards academic scholarships. The criteria are based on your child’s Grade Point Average. Add Content...


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